Russia Sochi 2014. Tourism, countinue

21 Oct., 2011, press release
21 october of 2011 year came for treatment issue of 4 stamp serie "XXII Olympic games in Sochi 2014 year. Tourism at Black Sea coast of Russia.

In contrast to the velease of these same stamps, held on September 27, stamps of postal payment will go on sale not in blocks, but sheetlets of small size with coupons of 6 different languages.

In every sheetlets will be 6 the same stamps and 6 different coupons, placed in relation to each other by shess system.

Circuklation for 840 000 ex. for every stamp (140 000 lists).

First Day Cancellation has been on main post offices of Sochi and Moscow.

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Preliminary orders for stamps, sheetlets, maxicards and FDC's accept e-mail:

Coming soon!

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