Russia. Heroes of World War I

07 Aug., 2015, press release

On august 3, 2015 Russian post issued four stamps in series "Heroes of World War I", dedicated to Russian soldiers and officers: Ivan Tulenev, Nicholai Ulanov, Ivan Khizhnyak, Constantine Nedorubov.



Ivan Tyulenev (1892 - 1978) was a Soviet military commander, General of Army, awarded with Georgievsky Crosses of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree. He was honored as a Hero of the Soviet Union. In the beginning of the First World War his brigade was sent to the front in Poland. During the war, Ivan Tyulenev demonstrated his courage many times and was awarded with the Georgievsky Crosses four times. During the Second World War he was a commander of the Southern Front. He was the head of the defensive operation in Moldova.















3.[2]Nikolai Ulanov (1881 - 1948) was the senior sergeant, later became a commander of 18th Orenburg Cossack brigade. He was awarded with Georgievsky Crosses, known as one of the heroes of the First World War. He participated in the Russian-Japanese war. In 1914 he fought in the South-Western Front against the Austro-Hungarian troops. He captured Austrian checkpoint, for which he was awarded with the Georgiesky Cross of IV degree. During 1915 he was awarded with Georgievsky Crosses of III, II and I degrees.
















4.[2]Konstantin Nedorubov (1889 - 1978) is a Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of squadron, captain, Cossack, awarded with Georgievsky Crosses of all degrees. He participated in the First World War, served in the South-Western and Romanian fronts. In addition to the four crosses, Nedorubov was also awarded with two Georgievsky medals for bravery. On October 26, 1943 he was honored with the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.


















Ivan Khizhnyak (1893-1980) was Russian and Soviet military commander, General-Lieutenant; he participated in the First World War, the Civil War and the Second World War. He was awarded with Georgievsky crosses of all degrees. He also participated actively in the February revolution.

















Type of issue: Sheetlets of 15 stamps and 1 coupon
Circulation: 385,000 ex. of each stamp


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First Day Cover was in Moscow and St. Petersburg on August 3, 2015

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