Russia. The uniforms of the railway transport workers

14 Aug., 2015, press release

On August 11, 2015 Post of Russia issued four stamps dedicated to the uniforms of railway transport workers, which belong to the "History of Russian uniforms" series.

This set of stamps demonstrates the changes of the uniforms of employees of various divisions of railway transport that took place over time. On stamps are represented: the general and the conductor of the Office of Communications (1843); Head of the maintenance yard and machine operator of 2nd class (1952); Head of the passenger train and conductor (1979); Head of the passenger train and conductor of wagon (2015).

Type of issue: sheets of 8 (2x4) stamps; souvenir sheets of 2 strips of 4 stamps
Stamp Size: 32,5×65mm
Sheet size: 154×154mm
Circulation: 288,000 ex. (36,000 sheets); 65,000 souvenir sheets

First Day Cover was in Moscow on 11th of August 2015

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