Russia. 20 years of Russia's membership in the Council of Europe

10 Mar., 2016, press release

On February 26, 2016 Post of Russia issued a stamp dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Russian joining the Council of Europe. The stamp illustrates a map of the world with highlighted member states of the Council of Europe and the logo of the organization.


The Council of Europe is the continent's leading organization in the field of human rights, established in 1949. It includes 47 countries, 28 of which are the European Union members. The headquarteres of the organization are in Strasbourg (France). The Council of Europe was established to defend human rights, strengthen parliamentary democracy and the rule of law; to achieve European agreements that contribute to the harmonization of social and legal practices of the member states; to promote awareness of the peoples of the European identity and unity based on common spiritual values, involving the preservation and promotion of cultural diversities. The Russian Federation joined the Council of Europe on February 28, 1996.



Type of issue: sheets of 12 (3×4) stamps
Stamp Size: 58×26mm
Sheet Size: 190×120mm 
Circulation: 324000 ex. (27000 sheets)

First Day Cover was in Moscow on 26th of February 2016

Additionally, souvenir booklet with stamps and FDC inside was issued by Post of Russia

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