Russia. Postcrossing

22 Mar., 2016, press release

On March 25, 2016 Russian post will issue a stamp "postcrossing", dedicated to the international postal traffic.

1.[14]Postcrossing is an international project that aims to develop the communication between people from different countries, regardless of their location, age, gender and ethnicity, through postcards sent via the state postal services. Each user registered on the official website gets a random address to send a card to; in response he receives cards from other users. The project allows people from different countries to communicate, as well as it conserves regular, non-electronic mail.



Type of issue: sheets of 9 stamps (3×3)
Stamp Size: 37×37mm
Sheet size: 152×152mm
Circulation: 414,000 ex. (46
,000 sheets)

First Day Cover will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg on 25th of March 2016

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