11 Aug., 2021, press release

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce the resumption of our full-fledged exhibition work! On August 14-15, in the capital of the Savo province, in the city of Kuopio (Finland), in theMusic City Center, the national philatelic exhibition SAVOFILA 2021 will take place! The exhibition is organized by the Savo and North Karelia philatelists 'clubs. In the large hall, in the competitive and non-competitive classes, more than a hundred multi-stand exhibits will be presented: from classical philately to modern, thematic and youthful. During the exhibition, a visiting open meeting of the Society of Lovers of Postage Stamps of Estonia will be held, ten leading philatelic firms in the country are renting retail space. At our Peterstamps stand, the Peterspost mobile post office will traditionally work, where you can purchase a full range of Peterspost stamps and send correspondence. The exhibition will be held in compliance with all security measures during a pandemic. Entrance free

We understand that in the conditions of closed borders for quarantine, a visit to the SAVOFIL-2021 exhibition of foreign collectors is complicated, and, nevertheless, we invite you to the wonderful city of Kuopio. And let the news of the resumption of the exhibition work be a pleasant "first sign" of establishing the usual life of our hobby for those who do not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition.


International team of philatelists Peterstamps

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