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17 Jan., 2024, press release

Dear collectors! Dear friends, colleagues!

Our international company, founded in 1990, successfully and continuously serves thousands of customers around the world. Being able to offer you a wide range of stamps and other collectibles from our inventory is important, but so is the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over time. We cooperate with dozens of postal administrations, work in cooperation with the largest philatelic companies and auctions, manufacturers of collectibles. “Our baggage” includes invaluable experience in managing the Philatelists Union, organizing exhibitions, and conducting examinations.
In short, you can safely contact us to solve a questions of any level of complexity: from assessing a collection to subscribing to a subscription to new stamps from any country! For any questions, ideas, orders, please contact us in any form by email: info@peterstamps.com

The store is updated daily, so it makes sense to check back often! Your orders are always welcome!

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