Features of the first issue of Ukrainian stamps 2024

23 Jan., 2024, press release

The first issue of Ukrainian postage stamps in 2024 was a block / sheetlet that united all the subjects of the definitive issue “Coats of Arms of Cities and Villages” that had been in circulation for five years: from 2017 to 2022. This block has two striking features:

  • Its release was supposed to take place in the spring of 2022, but this was prevented by the start of large-scale Russian aggression on February 24
  • The number of stamps in the series is 21, for what reason do we indicate in the brief description “the block consists of 19 stamps and 2 labels”? The fact is that two stamps in the series (Yalta and Zolotonosha) have letter denominations marked with the symbols V, which are prohibited in Ukrainian postal circulation from 25.02.24, since they correspond to one of the symbols of Russian military aggression (and it is very good that among the letters of the series there was no place for other fascist symbols of the Russian army). On these stamps, the letter V is crossed out with indelible ink, thus losing their postal meaning and turning into labels (coupons)

The block is already available for order in the Ukrainian section of our store

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