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05 Mar., 2024, press release

We have an excellent selection of stamps and other philatelic collectible items from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Not only “this”, of course, as a professional philatelic company we consider the whole world to be our area of interest, however, what is geographically closer to our main offices in Helsinki and Tallinn is what has been studied best

Since the first year of our company’s founding 1990, we have been monitoring the release of new stamps, participating in exhibitions, and cooperating with all postal administrations and operators in the north of Europe. How many meetings there were in philatelist clubs and societies, lectures, and auctions! In general, it is a “sin” not to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge and stocks of stamps in the warehouse

Every day we add something from old stock to our online store and, of course, keep a close eye on new issues. They appear on sale quickly! Welcome with orders, and by email: you can subscribe to regularly receive new stamps by standing-order or send a wantlist

The friendly international Peterstamps team is always at your service!


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