News archive: January, 2012

Sochi 2014. Olympic Games mascots.

At 27. February 2012 to Russian post treatment come new set of 3 stamps from subject "Sochi 2014, Olympic Games mascots".

Ukraine. Flora. Woods.

At 24. January 2012 to Ukrainian post treatment will come 5 stamps "Flora. Woods", it's continue from eighth standart publication.

Russia. Vrangel island, nature reservation



At 27 February 2012 to Russian post treatment come new stamp "Natural preserve "Wrangeel's Island" , from long-timed set "World nature heritage of Russia"

Estonia. Year of the Dragon.

At 23. January to Estonian post treatment come new stamp "The year of the dragon"

Russia. Pilot Nesterov.

At 13. February 2012 to Russian post treatment come new stamp in honor of 125 years of pilot Nesterov's Birthday. He was an excellent pilot, aerobatics founder.

Kirgisia. Year of the Dragon.

At 14. January 2012 to Kirgisian post treatment came new stamp @Year of the Dragon" and smallsheet "Easter horoskops"

Russia. Whales

At 8. February 2012 to Russian post-treatment come two stamps from long-timed set "Russian Fauna" killer whale and humpback whale.

Azerbaidzhan. "Year of the Dragon"

At 5. January 2012 to Azerbaidzhan post-treatment come stamp "Year of the Dragon"

Italia and Russia. United publication.

In January to our shop for sale will come Italian stamps, it's united publication with Russia.

Estonia. Oskar Luts

At 7 January 2012 to Estonian post-treatment come stamp in honor of Oskar Luts 125 anniversary.

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