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Kyrgyzstan. Written Heritage of the ancient Kyrgyzstan.

Early November 2012  to post treatment of Kyrgyzstan come a 2 new stamps "Written Heritage of the ancient  Kyrgyzstan".
The first reference to the Kyrgyz language is recorded in an eighth century AD Turkic Orkhon inscription. During the eighth / nineth centuries the ancestral Kyrgyz were living in the Upper Yenisey region in far northern central Mongolia. The many Turkic inscriptions in that area, which date from the fifth to seventh centuries, are attributed to them.
The ascendance of the Mongol Empire in the thirteenth century caused the Kyrgyz people to migrate south toward the Tien Shan range, in the area of ​​present day Kyrgyzstan. Their territory was subjected to successive waves of Turkic and Mongol invasions, causing some Kyrgyz speakers to migrate to Turkestan.

Philatelic Service of St.Petersburg ltd stamp exhibitions in Helsinki 27 - 28.10.2012

27-28 October in Helsinki, Finland, in the largest exhibition complex "Messukeskus" (in the pavilion "Winter Garden"), will be held the traditional annual philatelic exhibition "Days of postage stamps", which opens the Christmas and New Year season.

Russia. 400 years of restoration of the unity of the Russian state

At 2th November 2012  to Russian post treatment come a new stamp
dedicated to the "400 years of restoration of the unity of the Russian state".
Stamp printed on a fine bloks

Railway bridges of Baltic. Joint issue

At 25th October 2012 will be released joint issue stamps of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on "Railway bridges Baltics". According to the long tradition stamps joint issue of the three Baltic countries are available in the block with
3 stamps. "Own"
stamp of every country come to sale in sheetlets.

Ukraine. 500 years of the city Chigirin

At 14th October 2012 to Ukraina post treatment issued a new stamp "500 years of the city Chigirin"

Kyrgyzstan. Joint issue RCC member countries. National costumes

In October 2012  to post treatment of Kyrfyzstan come a new stamps "National costumes", joint issue RCC member countries.

Latvia. 150 years of Riga Technical University

At 8th October 2012 post treatment of Latvia issued a new stamp dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Riga Technical University

Ukraine. Childrens drawings.

At 9th October 2012  to Ukraina post treatment come a new stamp
with children's drawings on the theme "My Favorite Ukraine"

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