News archive: November, 2011

Latvia. Christmas and New Year.

At 2. December to Latvian post treatment come set with 2 stamps about Christmas and New Year.

Moldova. 60 years UN refugee Convention anniversary.

At 25. November to Moldovan post treatment came stamp "UN refugee international Convention 60 anniversary"

Generous Ukraine. Spring

At November 25th, 2011 to the post-treatment of Ukraine will come a set of six stamps "Generous Ukraine. Spring" in souvenir sheet.

Estonia. Christmas and New Year

At November 24th, 2011 to the Estonian post-treatment will come Christmas and New Year stamps set.

Ukraine. Frogs.

At 22. November 2011 to the Ukranian post treatment will come new serie of 5 stamps "Fauna. Frogs."

Russia. Lace

At 12. December 2011 to the Russia's post tretment come 4 stamps "Arts and crafts serie. Lace"

Russia. National Olympic Committee of Russia, 100 anniversary

At 25. November 2011 to the Russia's post tretment will come stamp "National Olympic Committee of Russia, 100 anniversary"

Russia. Incurance services. 225 anniversary.

At 25.November 2011 to the Russian post treatment come stamp "225 Incurance services ann."

Russia. Painter Konstantin Korovin.



At 21. November to the Russian post treatment will come stamp about popular Russian impressionist "Konstantin Korovin, 150 anniversary"

Belarus. Pigeons.

At 28th November , 2011  to the post-treatment of Belarus will came a set of 3 stamps on the theme "Fauna. Pigeons."

Latvia. Latvian Republic, 100 anniversary.

At 11.November 2011 to the Latvian post-treatment came third set from long-timed set "Latvian Republic 100 ann., 1918-2018". Stamps of set are about ship construction and navigation history.

Russia. Mihail Lomonosov 350 ann.

At November 17th, 2011  in the post-treatment in Russia goes stamp dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Mihail Lomonosov.

Azerbaidzhan. WWF. "Serpent Eagle"

At 28. October of 2011 to Azerbaidzhan post treatment came serie "Serpent Eagle" where is 4 stamps, that continue WWF (World Wildlife Fund set.

Kyrgyzstan. Mushrooms.

At November of 2011 to Kirgisian post treatment will come a set of four stamps "Mushrooms".

Ukraine. The own stamp "Love Ukraine!"

At 1. November 2011 to the post-treatment came the own stamp "Love Ukraine!"

Russia. 20 years CIS anniversary

At 3. November 2011 to Russiancame new stamp for 20 years of Commonwealth of Independent States.

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